Lee's Team

 Lee Andersen is a nationally known art clothing designer with a 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Columbia, Maryland.  Lee is converting it to comfortable-mask making for the next few weeks (or months?) We are asking people to join our team to make masks. 'Seamsters' can work from home.

Lee's facility can lay up and cut 50,000 mask kits per day. You and your talented friends are the life blood of this life saving endeavor.... and you can earn some money for your family and local charities too! 

Lee did an interview for BBC on March 27th 2020 referencing this team we are asking you to join. We will add a link to the interview when it airs.


To get  finished masks please contact:



Bias cut cotton with two layers and non-latex elastic over the ears.

Any fabric inhibits the spread of moisture from talking and coughing.

James Perry, a respiratory therapist wears a mask all day at his medical practice. He particularly liked our design as it is more comfortable than most masks and the bias cut and center seam allows it to fit softly across the face. The soft close fit allows for the wearing of glasses without warm breath fogging up glasses. It is also snug around the sides of the face. 


Join the Team

We are building a large network of seamsters (our name that encompasses men too!) to work from home. We are also engaging subcontractors with small sewing factories to sew face covers.


If you are a small independent factory please contact Lee directly at Lee@LeeAndersen.com (spell it with an e not an o). 


You will be making a washable, reusable face cover that can be used in medical facilities to extend the life of the N95 masks which are not always required for a doctor/patient visit.


We will put you with a team and you can also form your own teams if you have friends and neighbors who sew..


Once you join our team, you will be asked to make one test 'face cover'. Please write your name and e-mail directly onto the mask, along with the name of your team leader. This will also allow us to check that you are correctly connected to our delivery/pick up system.


When you have passed through that step you will receive a kit containing pre-cut fabric to make 50 masks from your team leader. Ideally, each kit needs to be sewn in 48 hours. At that time you will put into our payment system and you are on your way!

Our expectation is that you can sew at least 25 masks a day to our quality standards.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who founded this?

Lee Andersen owner of ANDERSEN-BECKER INC, DBA Lee Andersen Art Clothing. 



How do I get my kit to start sewing?

The team leaders will be distributing the first test single mask kits on 3-28 2020.

These are not for real use. They are to show your sewing skills.

Please write your name and email, and your team leaders name in pen right onto the test mask. Return it to your team leader.

What is in a kit?

Precut fabric pieces, and a diagram showing construction. 

You will have to provide your own thread. Any matching color will do. 

Are our face covers breathable?


How does my medical organization get access to the finished masks?

Contact Lee.


What type of thread must I use?

Any type of light colored thread.

Can I keep a face cover for myself?

Each kit with 50 masks that you pick up will have extra fabric to make some for yourself and your family.

Do I need to wash the masks after I make them?


Put them back in the  kit bag and bring them to your team leader. They are machine washable and we recommend people wearing them wash them every day.

Can I work from home?

Yes, this is an ideal job to do from home if you love sewing!

We expect you to have a sewing machine available for your use. We do not provide them.

Can I participate while quarantined?

Yes, if you have access to sewing equipment we prefer everyone to work from home.

What sizes do the masks come in?

One Size currently.

We are making prototypes of a larger size. There will also be children's sizes later.

Will these masks be available to the general public?

At this time, there are limited quantities. The medical community will be receiving our masks. We will add updates to this website when they become more generally available.

How do I pick-up and drop-off the product?

You will be working with a team leader and they will discuss arrangements with individuals. The team leader will be dropping off complete masks to the factory on Cloudleap Court and picking up new kits for their team. 

How long does it take to sew each mask?

5 to 10 Minutes. The first one takes the longest but they get quicker with experience.

Where are you located?

8775 Cloudleap Court, 

Long Reach Village Center Unit #1,

Columbia, MD 21045

The signage is temporary as this will be the DoodleHATCH ART INSTALLATION when the country reopens.

Who is supporting this endeavor?

The Howard County Government has been a wonderful supporter of

Andersen-Becker Inc.

Thank you!

What sign is on the building?

The signage is temporary as this will be the DoodleHATCH ART INSTALLATION when the country reopens. Lee Andersen and

Andersen-Becker Inc are on the front door. We are working on getting official signage!

I have a group of friends that are interested. Can we get involved together?

Yes you can. Contact Michelle 412 889 0811

MichlleShannonKopp@gmail.com if you are a home sewer.

Contact Lee at Lee@LeeAndersen.com if you are a small factory.

How much do I get?

You will receive $2 per completed and inspected mask. Your team leader may also be sewing. They will receive an additional 10 cents per mask for managing their team.

Can I use my own fabric and pattern?

No, sorry, we will provide you with pre cut 

certified fabric. You are welcome to take a copy of the pattern pieces and make some extra for friends with your own stash of fabric. 


Team leaders will be collecting your information to go in our payment system. You will receive a check every two weeks. At the end of the year you will receive a 1099 for tax purposes. 

How many am I expected to sew?

Each kit makes 50 masks. We are looking for 'seamsters' who can commit to steady production of 25 every day for a few weeks. We understand that some people have arthritis or difficulty manipulating fabric and they may take longer than others.

I have pets in my work space. Is that an issue?

Yes! Please try to vacuum your work space frequently. Keep your fur babies out of the work room. Doctors have allergies too!

I want to volunteer not get paid.

You will still be paid to keep our system organized. Please feel free to donate your check to your local charities. 




phone 301-725-5555 ext 1 for customer service.

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 6 PM EST

Seamsters please contact Michelle MichlleShannonKopp@gmail.com

Lee Andersen Factory Address

8775 Cloudleap Court, 

Long Reach Village Center Unit #1,

Columbia, MD 21045

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